Staff photo by Bill GreenLynn, tis is 10 wide @ 253 DPIIt is NOT sharpenedIf you need it bigger of higher res, I'll have to rescan today. I think I can grab the slide at home over the weekend.Bill
A large blooming Magnolia tree on West Church Street is shown in the foreground of the twin spires of the Evangelical Reformed United Church of Christ Monday afternoon.
Staff photo by Skip Lawrence2/18/08  Some of Frederick's fabled spires as seen from the East Patrick Street parking deck on a clear day recently.
Staff photo by Bill Green
The Frederick July 4th celebration in Baker Park ends with a colorful fireworks display that can be seen throughout the city. This photograph was taken from the roof of the Temple building on West Church Street.
A flag blows in a steady breeze with the Christ Reformed United Church of Christ steeple in Middletown as a background Thursday afternoon.
Staff photo by Bill GreenThe sky begins to lighten as the sun rises early Saturday morning over the Clustered Spires of downtown Frederick. Sunday may provide a different view of the city skyline as snow is predicted in the afternoon and evening.
Ground fog covered much of Baker Park late Monday afternoon as temperatures rose over the accumulated snow fall. The carillon and downtown spires were surrounded by the heavy fog.